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The Mecklenburg Declaration

More than a year before the signing of the Declaration of Independence a
document was drawn up that was almost a model in phraseology and
sentiment of the great charter of American freedom. There are various
accounts of this matter, but the most trustworthy is this:

At a public meeting of the residents of Mecklenburg County, North
Carolina, held at Charlotte on the 20th of May, 1775, it was

Resolved, That whenever directly or indirectly abetted, or in any way,
form or manner countenanced, the unchartered and dangerous invasion of
our rights, as claimed by Great Britain, is an enemy to our country--to
America--and to the inherent and inalienable rights of man.

Resolved, That we, the citizens of Mecklenburg County, do hereby
dissolve the political bonds which have connected us to the mother
country, and hereby absolve ourselves from all allegiance to the British
crown, and abjure all political connection, contract or association with
that nation, which has wantonly trampled on our rights and liberties,
and inhumanly shed the blood of American patriots at Lexington.

Resolved, That we do hereby declare ourselves a free and independent
people; are and of right ought to be a sovereign and self-governing
association, under the control of no power other than that of our God
and the general government of the Congress. To the maintenance of which
independence we solemnly pledge to each other our mutual cooperation,
our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor.

There are two other resolutions, concerning the militia and the
administration of the law, but these, having no present value, are here

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