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The Mysteries Of Palmistry

The following points, upon which the Science of Palmistry is based,
explain its mysteries, and will be found very interesting, amusing and

Form of the Hand.

Hands are classed into seven types, each of which is illustrated by the
cuts on the preceding page, and described as follows:

Plate I--The Elementary or Bilious Hand, indicating brutal instinct
instead of reason as the governing power of the character.

Plate II--The Square or Jupiter Hand, indicating a practical, stubborn,
methodical, and conventional character; one apt to be suspicious of
strangers and radical in views.

Plate III--The Spatulate or Nervous Hand, so named because of its
imagined resemblance to a spatula. It is broad at the base of the
fingers, and indicates great energy and push to discover; also, courage
and fearlessness.

Plate IV--The Philosophic or Venus Hand, has a long, thin, muscular
palm, with long, knotty fingers; indicates a student of nature and
searcher after truth.

Plate V--The Mercury or Artistic Hand, indicates quick temper,
impulsiveness; a character that is light-hearted, gay and charitable,
to-day; and to-morrow, sad, tearful and uncharitable.

Plate VI--The Lunar or Idealistic Hand, indicates an extremely sensitive

Plate VII--The Harmonic or Solar Hand, indicates a character of great
versatility, brilliant in conversation, and an adept in diplomacy.

The Fingers.

For fortune-telling the fingers from first to fourth are designated as
Jupiter, Saturn, Apollo and Mercury.

Note the cut on preceding page, representing the different types of
fingers, numbered from one to eleven.

1--Large fingers indicate a person of vulgar tastes and a cruel, selfish

2--Small, thin fingers indicate a keen, quick acting mind and a person
not very particular about personal appearance.

3--Long, lean fingers indicate an inquiring disposition; love of details
in narrative; short fingers imply simple tastes and selfishness.

4--Fat fingers, largely developed at base, indicate sensualness; if
small at base, the reverse.

5--Smooth fingers indicate artistic ability.

6--Knotty fingers indicate truthfulness and good order in business

7--Pointed fingers indicate a very magnetic and enthusiastic

8--Square fingers indicate a strong mind, regularity and love of good

9--Spatulate fingers indicate a character of positiveness in opinions
and lacking in gentleness.

10--Fingers of mixed shape indicate a harmonious disposition, with
ability to easily adapt oneself to all conditions.

11--Obtuse fingers indicate coarse and cruel sensibilities.

The Phalanges of the Fingers.

See plate VIII, 1, 2, 3--The Phalanges of the Thumb: 4, 5, 6--Repeated
on each finger, indicate the phalanges of the four fingers.

The Mounts of the Hands.

See plate IX--A, Mount Venus; B, Mount Jupiter; C, Mount Saturn; D,
Mount Apollo; E. Mount Mercury; F, Mount Luna; G, Mount Mars.

The Shape and Length of the Phalanges
represent certain qualities and features of character, as presented in
the following:

Jupiter, the first finger; if the first phalange is longer than the
second, it indicates ability to control others, direct and maintain
order; if the second phalange is long and well developed, it indicates
leadership; if short and thin, intellectual weakness; if the third
phalange is long, it indicates love of power in material things.

Saturn, second finger; if the first phalange is longer than the second,
it indicates ability for mastering scientific subjects; if the second
phalange is long, it indicates great interest in subjects requiring deep
study; if the third phalange is long, it indicates a love of metaphysics
and money.

Apollo, third finger; if the first phalange is longer than the second,
it indicates love of the arts; if the second phalange is long, it
indicates success and love of riches; if the third phalange is thick, it
indicates an inherited talent of the arts.

Mercury, fourth finger; if the first phalange is longer than the second,
it indicates a taste for and love of research; if the second phalange is
long and well developed, it indicates industrious habits; if the third
phalange is long and fat, it indicates a desire for the comforts of

The Mountains.

These are points or elevations on the palm.

Mount Venus, if prominent, indicates a person of strong passions, great
energy in business, and admiration of physical beauty in the opposite
sex; it also indicates love of children, home and wife, or husband. When
not well developed there is a lack of love for home, children, wife or
husband; and in a man, it indicates egotism and laziness,--in a woman,

Mount Jupiter, if prominent, indicates a person who is generous, loves
power, and is brilliant in conversation; if a woman, she desires to
shine and be a social leader. When not well developed, it indicates lack
of self-esteem, slovenliness and indifference to personal appearance.

Mount Saturn, if prominent, indicates a serious-minded person,
religiously inclined, slow to reach a conclusion, very prudent, free in
the expression of opinions, but inclined to be pessimistic.

Mount Apollo, if prominent, indicates ability as an artist, generosity,
courageousness, and a poetical nature, apt to be a spendthrift. When not
well developed, it indicates cautiousness and prudence.

Mount Mercury, if prominent, indicates keen perceptions, cleverness in
conversation, a talent for the sciences, industry, and deceitfulness. If
not well developed, it indicates a phlegmatic, stupid disposition.

Mount Luna, if prominent, indicates a dreamy, changeable, capricious,
enthusiastic, and inventive nature. When not well developed, it
indicates constancy, love of home, and ability to imitate others.

Mount Mars, if prominent, indicates self-respect, coolness, and control
of self under trying circumstances, courage, venturesomeness and
confidence in one's ability for anything undertaken. When not well
developed, it indicates the opposite of these characteristics.

Lines On the Hand.

If the lines of the hand are not well defined, this fact indicates poor

Deep red lines indicate good, robust health. Yellow lines indicate
excessive biliousness.

Dark-colored lines indicate a melancholy and reserved disposition.

The Life Line extends from the outer base of Mount Jupiter, entirely
around the base of Mount Venus. If chained under Jupiter, it indicates
bad health in early life. Hair lines extending from it imply weakness,
and if cut by small lines from Mount Venus, misplaced affections and
domestic broils. If arising from Mount Jupiter, an ambition to be
wealthy and learned. If it is joined by the Line of the Head at its
beginning, prudence and wisdom are indicated. If it joins Heart and Head
line's at its commencement, a great catastrophe will be experienced by
the person so marked. A square on it denotes success. All lines that
follow it give it strength. Lines that cut the Life Line extending
through the Heart Line denote interference in a love affair. If it is
crossed by small lines, illness is indicated. Short and badly drawn
lines, unequal in size, imply bad blood and a tendency to fevers.

The Heart Line, if it extends across the hand at the base of the finger
mounts, and is deep and well defined, indicates purity and devotion; if
well defined from Mount Jupiter only, a jealous and tyrannical
disposition is indicated; if it begins at Mount Saturn and is without
branches, it is a fatal sign; if short and well defined in the Harmonic
type of hand it indicates intense affection when it is reciprocated; if
short on the Mercury type of hand, it implies deep interest in
intellectual pursuits; it short and deep in the Elementary type of hand,
it implies the disposition to satisfy desire by brutal force, instead of
by love.

The Head Line is parallel to Heart Line and forms the second branch of
letter M, generally very plain in most hands; if long and deep it
indicates ability to care for one's self; if hair lines are attached to
it, mental worry; if it divides toward Mount Mercury love affairs will
be first, and business secondary; if well defined its whole length, it
implies a well-balanced brain; a line from it extending into a star on
Mount Jupiter, great versatility, pride and love for knowledge are
indicated; if it extend to Mount Luna interest in occult studies is
implied; separated from the Life Line, indicates aggressiveness; if it
is broken, death is indicated from an injury in the head.

The Rascettes are lines across the wrist where the palm joins it.

It is claimed they indicate length of life; if straight it is a good
sign. One Rascette indicates thirty years of life; two lines, sixty;
three lines, ninety.

The Fate Line commences at Rascettes, and if it extends straight to
Mount Saturn, uninterrupted, and alike in both hands, good luck and
success are realized without personal exertion. If not in one hand and
interrupted in the other, success will be experienced only by great
effort. If well defined at the wrist the early life is bright and
promising; if broken in the center, misery for middle life is indicated.
If this line touches Mounts Luna and Venus, it indicates a good
disposition and wealth; if inclined toward any mount, it implies success
in that line for which the mount stands. If it is made up of
disconnected links, it indicates serious physical and moral struggles.
Should it end at Heart Line, the life has been ruined by unrequited
love. If it runs through a square, the life has been in danger and
saved. Should it merge into the Heart Line and continue to Mount
Jupiter, it denotes distinction and power secured through love.

The Girdle of Venus is a curved line extending from Mount Jupiter to
Mercury, encircling Saturn and Apollo. It appears on few hands, but it
indicates superior intellect, a sensitive and capricious nature; if it
extends to base of Jupiter it denotes divorce; ending in Mercury,
implies great energy; should it be cut by parallel lines in a man, it
indicates a hard drinker and gambler.

Lines of Reputation, commencing in the middle of the hand, at the Head
Line, Mount Luna or Mount Mars, indicate financial success from
intellectual pursuits after years of struggling with adversity. If from
Heart Line, real love of occupation and success; if from Head Line,
success from selfishness. An island on this line denotes loss of
character, a start on it near Apollo implies that success will be
permanent, and a square, brilliant success. The absence of this line
implies a struggle for recognition of one's abilities.

Line of Intuition, beginning at base of Mount Mercury, extends around
Mars and Luna; it is frequently found in the Venus, Mercury and Lunar
types of hands; when deeply dented with a triangle on Mount Saturn it
denotes clairvoyant power; if it forms a triangle with Fate Line, or
Life Line, a voyage will be taken.

Health Line commences at center of the Rascettes, takes an oblique
course from Fate Line, ending toward Mount Mercury. If straight and well
defined, there is little liability to constitutional diseases; when it
does not extend to Head Line, steady mental labor cannot be performed;
when it is broad and deep on Mount Mercury, diminishing as it enters the
Life Line, death from heart disease is indicated; small lines cutting it
denote sickness from biliousness. When joined to Heart Line, health and
business are neglected for Love; if made up of short, fine lines, there
is suffering from stomach catarrh; if it is checked by islands there is
a constitutional tendency to lung disease.

Marriage Lines extend straight across Mount Mercury; if short, affairs
of the heart without marriage are denoted. When near Heart Line early
marriage is indicated; if it turns directly to Heart Line, marriage will
occur between the ages of 16 and 21; if close to the top of the mount,
marriage will not take place before the 35th year; if it curves upward
it indicates a single life; when pronged and running toward the center
or to Mount Mars, divorce will occur. If the end at this line droops the
subject will outlive wife or husband; if broken, divorce is implied; if
it ends in a cross, the wife or husband will die from an accident. A
branch from this line upward implies a high position attained by
marriage. A black spot on this line means widowhood.

Children's Lines are small and upright, extending from the end of
Marriage Lines. If broad and well defined, males; if fine and narrow,
females are indicated. A line of this order that is deep and well
defined denotes prominence for that child.

Small Lines have a signification depending upon their position and

A single line on Jupiter signifies success; on Saturn, happiness; on
Apollo, fame and talent.

Ascending small lines are favorable, while descending lines are
unfavorable signs.

Several small lines on Mars indicate warfare constantly.

Cross lines, failure.

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