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The Perfect Female Figure

According to the Chicago Tribune, Miss Helen Loewe, a student at the
Chicago Art Institute, is credited by art critics with closely
approaching the standard of physical perfection set by statues of the
goddess Venus. Miss Loewe was posed as a model for a series of
photographs issued for the benefit of the playground fund of Oak Park.

Aside from the artistic nature of Miss Loewe, a comparison of
measurements with those of the typically perfect figure explains part of
the success of these photographic studies.

Miss Loewe. Perfect figure.
5 ft. 7 in Height. 5 ft. 8 in.
138 Weight 140
13-1/2 Neck 13
32 Chest 33
36 Bust 37
22 Waist 23
36 Hips 39
22 Thigh 24
10 Upper arm 11
8-1/2 Forearm 9
14 Calf 15

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