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The Teeth Of Children

Children have twenty temporary teeth, which begin making their
appearance about the sixth or seventh month. The time varies in
different children. This is the most dangerous and troublesome period of
the child's existence, and every parent will do well to consult a
reputable dentist. About the second or third year the temporary teeth
are fully developed. They require the same care to preserve them as is
exercised toward the permanent set.

About the sixth year, or soon after, four permanent molars, or double
teeth, make their appearance. Some parents mistakenly suppose these
belong to the first set. It is a serious error. They are permanent
teeth, and if lost will be lost forever. No teeth that come after the
sixth year are ever shed. Let every parent remember this.

At twelve years the second set is usually complete, with the exception
of the wisdom teeth, which appear anywhere from the eighteenth to the
twenty-fourth year. When the second set is coming in the beauty and
character of the child's countenance is completed or forever spoiled.
Everything depends upon proper care at this time to see that the teeth
come with regularity and are not crowded together. The teeth cannot have
too much room. When a little separated they are less liable to decay.

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