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What Different Eyes Indicate

The long, almond-shaped eye with thick eyelids covering nearly half of
the pupil, when taken in connection with the full brow, is indicative of
genius, and is often found in artists, literary and scientific men. It
is the eye of talent, or impressibility. The large, open, transparent
eye, of whatever color, is indicative of elegance, of taste, of
refinement, of wit, of intelligence. Weakly marked eyebrows indicate a
feeble constitution and a tendency to melancholia, Deep sunken eyes are
selfish, while eyes in which the whole iris shows indicate erraticism,
if not lunacy. Round eyes are indicative of innocence; strongly
protuberant eyes of weakness of both mind and body. Eyes small and close
together typify cunning, while those far apart and open indicate
frankness. The normal distance between the eyes is the width of one eye;
a distance greater or less than this intensifies the character supposed
to be symbolized. Sharp angles, turning down at the corners of the eyes,
are seen in persons of acute judgment and penetration. Well-opened
steady eyes belong to the sincere; wide staring eyes to the impertinent.

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