Illuminated Phosphorus

Put some of Canton's phosphorus into a clear glass phial, and stop it

with a glass stopper, or a cork and sealing-wax. If this wire be kept

in a darkened room (which for this experiment must be very dark) it

will give no light; but let two or three strong sparks be drawn from

the prime conductor, when the phial is kept about two inches distant

from the sparks, so that it may be exposed to that light, and this

phial will receive the light and afterwards will appear illuminated

for a considerable time.

This powder may be stuck upon a board by means of the white of an egg,

so as to represent figures of planets, letters, or any thing else, at

the pleasure of the operator, and these figures may be illuminated in

the dark, in the same manner as the above described phial.

A beautiful method of expressing geometrical figures with the above

powder, is to bend small glass tubes, of about the tenth part of an

inch diameter, in the shape of the figure desired, and then to fill

them with the phosphoric powder. These may be illuminated in the

manner described; and they are not so subject to be spoiled, as the

figures represented upon the board frequently are.

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