Spirits Ignited By Electricity

Hang a small ball with a stem to the prime conductor, so that the ball

may project below the conductor. Then warm a little ardent spirit, by

holding it a short time over a candle in a metallic spoon; hold the

spoon about an inch below the ball, and set the machine in motion. A

spark will soon issue from the ball and set fire to the spirits.

This experiment may be varied different ways, and may be rendered very

agreeable to a company of spectators. A person, for instance, standing

upon an electric stool, and communicating with the prime conductor,

may hold the spoon with the spirits in his hand, and another person,

standing upon the floor, may set the spirits on fire, by bringing his

finger within a small distance of it. Instead of his finger he may

fire the spirits with a piece of ice, when the experiment will seem

much more surprising. If the spoon be held by the person standing upon

the floor, and the insulated person bring some conducting substance

over the surface of the spirit, the experiment succeeds as well.

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