The Animated Feather

Electrify a smooth glass tube with a rubber, and hold a small feather

at a short distance from it. The feather will instantly fly to the

tube, and adhere to it for a short time; it will then fly off, and the

tube can never be brought close to the feather till it has touched the

side of the room, or some other body that communicates with the

ground. If, therefore, you take care to keep the tube between the

feather and the side of the room, you may drive it round to all parts

of the room without touching it; and, what is very remarkable, the

same side of the feather will be constantly opposite the tube.

While the feather is flying before the smooth tube, it will be

immediately attracted by an excited rough tube or a stick of wax, and

fly continually from one tube to the other, till the electricity of

both is discharged.

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