The Card In The Ring

Get a ring, made of any metal, in which is set a large transparent

stone or piece of glass, to the bottom of which is fastened a small

piece of black silk; under the silk is to be the figure of a small

card; and the silk must be so constructed that it may be either drawn

aside or spread, by turning the stone round.

You then cause a person to draw the same sort of card as that at the

bottom of the ring; and tell him to burn it in the candle. Now, the

ring being so constructed that the silk conceals the card underneath

it, you first show him the ring, that he may see it is not there, and

tell him you will make it appear; then rubbing the ashes of the card

on the ring, you manage to turn the stone or glass dexterously round,

and exhibit to him the small card at the bottom.

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