The Convertible Aces

On the ace of spades fix, with soap, a heart, and on the ace of hearts

a spade, in such a manner that they will easily slip off.

Show these two aces to the company; then, taking the ace of spades,

you desire a person to put his foot upon it, and as you place it on

the ground, draw away the spade. In like manner you place the seeming

ace of hearts under the foot of another person. You then command the

two cards to change their places; and that they obey your command, the

two persons, on taking up their cards, will have ocular demonstration.

A deception similar to this is sometimes practised with one card,

suppose the ace of spades, over which a heart is pasted lightly. After

showing a person the card, you let him hold one end of it, and you

hold the other, and while you amuse him with discourse, you slide off

the heart. Then laying the card on the table, you bid him cover it

with his hand; you then knock under the table, and command the heart

to turn into the ace of spades.

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