The Inconceivable Shock

Put in a person's hand a wire that is fixed on to the hook that comes

from the chain, which communicates with one side of the battery, and

in his other hand put a small wire with a hook at the end of it, which

you direct him to fix on to a hook which comes from the other chain.

On attempting to do this, he will instantly receive a shock from his

body, without being able to guess the cause.

Care should be taken that the shock be not too strong; and regard

should be had to the constitution and disposition of the party, as a

shock that would hardly affect one person, might be productive of

very serious consequences to another.

Much entertainment may be derived from concealing the chain that

communicates with that which proceeds from the outside of the battery,

under a carpet, and placing the wire that communicates with the chain

from the inside, in such a manner that a person may put his hand on it

without suspicion, at the same time that his feet are upon the other


The whole company may be made to partake of the shock, by joining

hands, and forming a circle. The experiment may also be varied if they

tread upon each other's toes, or lay their hands upon each other's

heads. It might happen, by the latter method, that the whole company

would be struck to the ground; but it will be productive of no danger,

and very little inconvenience; on the contrary, it has happened that

they have neither heard nor felt the shock.

* * * * *

To exhibit the five following amusements in electricity, the room in

which they are performed must be darkened.

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