The Inverted Cards

Prepare a pack of cards, by cutting one end of them about one-tenth of

an inch narrower than the other; then offer the pack to any one, that

he may draw a card; place the pack on the table, and observe carefully

if he turn the card while he is looking at it; if he do not, when you

take the pack from the table, you offer the other end of it for him to

insert that card; but if he turn the card, you then offer him the same

end of the pack. You afterwards offer the cards to a second or third

person, for them to draw or replace a card in the same manner. You

then let any one shuffle the cards, and, taking them again into your

own hand, as you turn them up one by one, you easily perceive by the

touch which are those cards that have been inverted, and, laying the

first of them down on the table, you ask the person if that card be

his; and if he say no, you ask the same of the second person; and if

he say no, you tell the third person it is his card; and so of the

second or third cards. You shall lay the pack on the table after each

person has drawn his card, and turn it dexterously in taking it up,

when it is to be turned, that the experiment may not appear to depend

on the cards being inverted.

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