The Three Magical Parties

Offer the long card to a person, that he may draw it, and replace it

in any part of the pack he pleases. Make the pass, and bring that

card to the top. Next divide the pack in three parcels, putting the

long card in the middle heap. You then ask the person which of the

three heaps his card shall be in. He will, probably, say the middle;

in which case you immediately show it to him. But if he say either of

the others, you take all the cards in your hand, placing the parcel he

has named over the other two, and observing to put your little finger

between that and the middle heap, at the top of which is the card he

drew. You then ask at what number in that heap he will have his card

appear. If, for example, he say the sixth, you tell down five cards

from the top of the pack, and then, dexterously making the pass, you

bring the long card to the top, and tell it down as the sixth.

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