To Change The Cards Which Several Persons Have Drawn From The Pack

On the top of the pack put any card you please--suppose the queen of

clubs; make the pass, bring that card to the middle of the pack, and

offer it to a person to draw. Then, by cutting the cards, bring the

queen again to the middle of the pack. Make the pass a second time,

bring it to the top, and shuffle the cards without displacing those on

the top. Make the pass a third time, bring it to the middle of the

pack and offer it to a second person to draw, who must be at a proper

distance from the first person, that he may not perceive it is the

same card. After the like manner let five persons draw the same card.

Shuffle the pack without losing sight of the queen of clubs, and,

laying down four other cards with the queen, ask each person if he see

his card there? They will all reply, "Yes," as they all drew the queen

of clubs. Place four of those cards on the pack, and, drawing the

queen privately away, you approach the first person, and showing him

that card, so that the others cannot see it, ask if that be his card;

then patting it on the top of the pack, blow on it, or give it a

stroke with your hand, and show it in the same manner to the second

person, and so of the rest.

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