To Find How Many Square Yards It Would Require To Write All The

Changes of the Twenty-four Letters of the Alphabet, written so small,

that each Letter should not occupy more than the hundredth part of a

square Inch.

By adopting the plan of the preceding article, the changes of the

twenty-four letters will be found to be


Now, the inches in a square yard being 1,296, that number multiplied

by 100 gives 129,600, which is the number of letters each square yard

will contain; therefore, if we divide the above row of figures,

(the number of changes,) by 129,600, the quotient, which is

478,741,050,720,092,160, will be the number of yards required to

contain the above mentioned number of changes. But as all the 24

letters are contained in every permutation, it will require a space

24 times as large, viz.,


Now, as the surface of the whole globe only contains

617,197,435,008,000 square yards, it would require a surface 18,620

times as large as the earth to contain them.

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