To Make Artificial Coruscations

There is a method of producing artificial coruscations, or sparkling

fiery meteors, which will be visible, not only in the dark but at

noon-day, and that from two liquors actually cold. The method is

this:--Fifteen grains of solid phosphorus are to be melted in about a

drachm of water: when this is cold, pour upon it two ounces of oil of

vitriol; let these be shaken together in a large phial, and they will

at first heat, and afterwards will throw up fiery balls in great

number, which will adhere like so many stars to the sides of the

glass, and continue burning a considerable time; after this, if a

small quantity of oil of turpentine be poured in without shaking the

phial, the mixture will of itself take fire, and burn very furiously.

The vessels should be large and open at the top.

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