To Name The Rank Of A Card That A Person Has Drawn From A Piquet


The rank of a card means whether it be an ace, king, queen, &c. You

therefore first fix a certain number to each card; thus you call the

king four, the queen three, the knave two, the ace one, and the others

according to the number of their pips.

You then shuffle the cards, and let a person draw any one of them;

then turning up the remaining cards, you add the number of the first

to that of the second, the second to the third, and so on, till it

amounts to ten, which you then reject, and begin again; or if it be

more, reject the ten, and carry the remainder to the next card, and so

on to the last; and to the last amount add four, and subtract that sum

from ten, if it be less, or from twenty, if it be more than ten, and

the remainder will be the number of the card that was drawn; as for

example, if the remainder be two, the card drawn was a knave; if

three, a queen, and so on.

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