To Produce The Appearance Of A Spectre On A Pedestal In The Middle Of

a Table.

Enclose a small magic lantern in a box, Fig. 11, large enough to

contain a small swing dressing-glass, which will reflect the light

thrown on it by the lantern in such a way, that it will pass out at

the aperture made at the top of the box; which aperture should be

oval, and of a size adapted to the cone of light to pass through it.

There should be a flap with hinges, to cover the opening, that the

inside of the box may not be seen.

There must be holes in that part of the box which is over the lantern,

to let the smoke out; and over this must be placed a chafing-dish of

an oblong figure, large enough to hold several lighted coals. This

chafing-dish, for the better carrying on the deception, may be

enclosed in a painted tin box, about a foot high, with a hole at top,

and should stand on four feet, to let the smoke from the lantern


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