To Remove Stains And Blemishes From Prints

Paste a piece of paper to a very smooth clear table, that the boiling

water used in the operation may not require a colour which might

lessen its success. Spread out the print you wish to clean upon the

table, and sprinkle it with boiling water; taking care to moisten it

throughout by very carefully applying a very fine sponge. After you

have repeated this process five or six times, you will observe the

stains or spots extend themselves; but this is only a proof that the

dirt begins to be dissolved.

After this preparation, lay the print smoothly and carefully into a

copper or wooden vessel, larger than the size of the print. Then cover

it with a boiling ley of potash, taking care to keep it hot as long as

possible. After the whole is cooled, strain off the liquor, take out

the print with care, spread it on a stretched cord, and when half dry,

press it between leaves of white paper, to prevent wrinkles.

By this process, spots and stains of any kind will be effectually


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