To Spin Sealing-wax Into Threads By Electricity

Stick a small piece of sealing-wax on the end of a wire, and set fire

to it. Then put an electrical machine in motion, and present the wax

just blown out at the distance of some inches from the prime

conductor. A number of extremely fine filaments will immediately dart

from the sealing-wax to the conductor, on which they will be condensed

into a kind of net-work resembling wool.

If the wire with the sealing-wax be stuck into one of the holes of the

conductor, and a piece of paper be presented at a moderate distance

from the wax, just after it has been ignited, on setting the machine

in motion, a net-work of wax will be formed on the paper. The same

effect, but in a slighter degree, will be produced, if the paper be

briskly rubbed with a piece of elastic gum, and the melting

sealing-wax be held pretty near the paper immediately after rubbing.

If the paper thus painted, as it were, with sealing-wax be gently

warmed by holding the back of it to the fire, the wax will adhere to

it, and the result of the experiment will thus be rendered permanent.

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