To Take Impressions Of Coins Medals &c

Cut fish-glue, or isinglass, into small pieces, immerse it in clear

water, and set it on a slow fire; when gradually dissolved, let it

boil slowly, stirring it with a wooden spoon, and taking off the scum.

The liquor being sufficiently adhesive, take it off the fire, let it

cool a little, and then pour it on the medal or coin you wish to copy,

having first rubbed the coin over with oil. Let the composition lay

about the thickness of a crown-piece on the medal. Then set it in a

moderate air, neither too hot nor too cold, and let it cool and dry.

When it is dry, it will loosen itself; you will find the impression

correct, and the finest strokes expressed with the greatest accuracy.

You may give a most pleasing effect to the composition, by mixing any

colour with it, red, yellow, blue, green, &c., and if you add a little

parchment size to it, it will make it harder and better. This size is

made by gently simmering the cuttings of clear white parchment in a

pipkin, with a little water, till it becomes adhesive.

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