To Tell A Person Any Number He May Privately Fix On

When the person has fixed on a number, bid him double it and add four

to that doubling; then multiply the whole by 5; to the product let him

add 12, and multiply the amount by 10. From the total of all this, let

him deduct 320, and tell you the remainder; from which, if you cut off

the two last figures, the number that remains will be what he fixed

upon. For instance,

Suppose the number chosen is 7

Which doubled 14

Add 4 to it, and it will make 18

Multiply 18 by 5, gives 90

To which add 12, is 102

Multiply that by 10, makes 1020

From which deducting 320, the remainder is 700

And by striking off the two ciphers, it becomes

the number thought on 7

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