To Tell The Amount Of The Numbers Of Any Two Cards Drawn From A

common Pack.

Each court card in this amusement counts for ten, and the other cards

according to the number of their pips. Let the person who draws the

cards add as many more cards to each of those he has drawn as will

make each of their numbers twenty-five. Then take the remaining cards

in your hand, and, seeming to search for some card among them, tell

them over to yourself, and their number will be the amount of the two

cards drawn.

For example.--Suppose the person has drawn a ten and a seven, then he

must add fifteen cards to the first, to make the number twenty-five,

and eighteen to the last, for the same reason; now fifteen and

eighteen make thirty-three, and the two cards themselves make

thirty-five, which deducted from fifty-two, leave seventeen, which

must be the number of the remaining cards, and also of the two cards


You may perform this amusement without touching the cards, thus:

Let the person who has drawn the two cards deduct the number of each

of them from twenty-six, which is half the number of the pack, and

after adding the remainders together, let him tell you the amount,

which you privately deduct from fifty-two, the total number of all the

cards, and the remainder will be the amount of the two cards.

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