To Tell The Card That A Person Has Touched With His Finger

This amusement is to be performed by confederacy. You previously agree

with your confederate on certain signs, by which he is to denote the

suite, and the particular card of each suite; thus: if he touch the

first button of his coat, it signifies an ace; if the second, a king,

&c.; and then again, if he take out his handkerchief, it denotes the

suite to be hearts; if he take snuff, diamonds, &c. These

preliminaries being settled, you give the pack to a person who is near

your confederate, and tell him to separate any one card from the rest,

while you are absent, and draw his finger once over it. He is then to

return you the pack, and while you are shuffling the cards, you

carefully note the signals made by your confederate; then turning the

cards over one by one, you directly fix on the card he touched.

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