To Tell The Number Of Points On Three Cards Placed Under Three

different Parcels of Cards.

You first premise that the ace counts for eleven; the court cards ten

each; and the others according to the number of their pips. You then

propose to any person in company to choose three cards, and to place

over each as many as will make the number of the points of that card,

fifteen; take the remaining cards, and, under the appearance of

looking for a particular card, count how many there are, and by adding

sixteen to that number, you will have the amount of the pips on the

three cards. For example:

Suppose a person choose a seven, a ten, and an ace; then over the

seven he must place eight cards; over the ten, five cards; and over

the ace, four cards. In this instance there will remain twelve cards;

to which if you add sixteen it will make twenty-eight, which is the

amount of the pips on the three cards.

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