Visible Now You Will Observe That By Altering The A In The Word Law Into D And Adding O Before The L And Oman After The W It Bec

the invisible ink, and let it remain so. On the rest of the cards you

write any words you think fit.

Present the cards in such manner to two persons, that one of them

shall draw the word law, and the other the words old woman. You

then tell the person who drew the word law, that it shall disappear,

and the words on the other card shall be written in its place; and,

that you may not change the cards, desire each of the parties to write

his name on his card. Then putting the cards together, and holding

There Must Also Be A Glass Planned To Rise Up And Down In The Groove A B And So Managed By A Cord And Pulley C D E F That It May A Fountain Which Acts By The Heat Of The Sun facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail