Bleeding From The Nose

From whatever cause, may generally be stopped

by putting a plug of lint into the nostrils; if this does not do, apply

a cold lotion to the forehead; raise the head, and place over it both

arms, so that it will rest on the hands; dip the lint plug, slightly

moistened, into some powdered Gum Arabic, and plug the nostrils again;

or dip the plug into equal parts of powdered Gum Arabic and alum, and

plug the nose. Or the plug may be dipped in Friar's balsam, or tincture

of Kino. Heat should be applied to the feet; and, in obstinate cases,

the sudden shock of a cold key, or cold water poured down the spine,

will instantly stop the bleeding. If the bowels are confined take a

purgative. Injections of alum solution from a small syringe into the

nose will often stop hemorrhage.

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