Brilliant Self-shining Stove Polish

This is one of the greatest

inventions of the age. It has been the result of a large amount of

study on the part of the inventor to perfect a polish that would work

easily and satisfactorily in a perfect dry state, thereby obviating the

disagreeable task of mixing and preparing. A good stove polish is an

absolute necessity in every family. It is only a question, then, of

offering the best to make a sale. To prove that this polish is the best

is an easy task. All you have to do is to have a box open and a piece

of rag to begin operations. You now approach the stove and apply the

polish. The result will be so startlingly beautiful that no further

words will be necessary. If the stove is not convenient, anything will

do to experiment with. You can produce on a piece of wood, a scrap of

paper or a potato, a lustre equal to a burnished mirror.

Now make the following points just as strong as you can:

That this polish requires no water or mixing like the various cake or

powder polishes. 2. That it is self-shining and no labor is required.

3. That no dust or smell of any kind rises from its use. And, lastly,

that it has no equal in the world.


Take Plumbago (Black Lead) finely pulverized, and put in two

ounce wood boxes, nicely labeled, and sell for ten or fifteen cents a

box. Wholesale to stores and agents at $6.00 a hundred. Costs less than

three cents a box to manufacture.

Directions for Use.--Use a damp woolen rag, dip in the box, and apply

to the stove. Then polish with a dry cloth, and a most beautiful polish

will appear.

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