Copying Pad

White Gelatine four ounces, Water eight ounces, Glycerine

eight ounces, Gum Dextrine two ounces. Always use these same

proportions for any amount. Melt the Gelatine in the water at a gentle

heat, add to it the Glycerine, in which the Gum Dextrine has been

thoroughly incorporated. Now stir all together until thoroughly mixed

and then pour into pans of the desired size, to the depth of one-half


Recipe for Ink to Be Used.--Violet Analine forty grains, Gum Arabic

twelve grains, Alcohol one-fourth ounce, Water one-half ounce. Dissolve

the Gum in the Water and Alcohol, then add the Analine. Shake in a

bottle from time to time until the Analine is dissolved.

To work the Copying Pad.--Write with ink on any good paper, press the

written surface on the pad and allow it to remain two minutes; then

take off and the writing will remain, from which impressions may be

taken by laying on plain paper, and smoothing with the hand. As soon as

the last impression is taken be sure and wash off with a wet sponge.

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