Cuts And Wounds

Clean cut wounds, whether deep or superficial, and

likely to heal by the first intention, should always be washed or

cleaned, and at once evenly and smoothly closed by bringing both edges

close together, and securing them in that position by adhesive plaster.

Cut thin strips of sticking plaster, and bring the parts together; or

if large and deep, cut two broad pieces, so as to look like the teeth

of a comb, and place one on each side of the wound, which must be

cleaned previously. These pieces must be arranged so that they will

interlace one another; then, by laying hold of the pieces on the right

side with one hand, and those on the other side with the other hand,

and pulling them from one another, the edges of the wound are brought

together without any difficulty.

Ordinary Cuts are dressed by thin strips, applied by pressing down

the plaster on one side of the wound, and keeping it there and pulling

in the opposite direction; then suddenly depressing the hand when the

edges of the wound are brought together.

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