Hair Dyes No 1

Distilled Water six ounces, Alcohol one ounce,

Pyrogalic Acid one drachm. The Acid must be dissolved in the Alcohol

before the water is added.

NO. 2

Aqua Ammonia one ounce, Water one ounce, Nitrate of Silver two

drachms. Dissolve the Silver in water and add the Ammonia. Cork tight

and keep in a cool place.

NO. 3

Water four ounces, Sulphate of Potash half ounce. Mix. To dye

the hair or whiskers, have them free from dirt or soap suds. They

should be a little damp. Add carefully No. 1, using care not to allow

the dye to touch the skin. When somewhat dry apply No. 2; in about

three minutes apply No. 3. Use care not to allow any of these

preparations to touch the skin.

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