Handy Facts To Settle Many Arguments

London plague in 1665.

Telephone invented 1861.

There are 2,750 languages.

Two persons die every second.

Sound moves 743 miles per hour.

Chinese invented paper 170 B.C.

A square mile contains 640 acres.

A barrel of pork weighs 200 pounds.

Hawks can fly 150 miles in one hour.

Watches were first constructed in 1476.

Chinese in United States in 1880, 105,613.

Rome was founded by Romulus, 752 B.C.

Gold was discovered in California in 1848.

Phonograph invented by T. A. Edison, 1877.

The first balloon ascended from Lyons, France, 1783.

The first fire insurance office in America, Boston, 1724.

Jet is found along the coast of Yorkshire, Eng., near Whitby.

Napoleon I. crowned emperor 1804; died at St. Helena, 1820.

Electric light invented by Lodyguin and Kossloff, at London, 1874.

Harvard is the oldest college in the United States: established 1638.

War declared with Great Britain, June 19, 1812; peace Feb. 18, 1815.

Until 1776 cotton spinning was performed by the hand spinning-wheel.

Measure 209 feet on each side and you will have a square acre within an


Postage stamps first came into use in England in the year 1840; in the

United States in 1847.

The highest range of mountains are the Himalayas, the mean elevation

being from 16,000 to 18,000 feet.

Envelopes were first used in 1839.

Telescopes were invented in 1590.

Iron horseshoes were made in 481.

A barrel of flour weighs 196 pounds.

A hand (horse measure) is four inches.

A rifle ball moves 1,000 miles per hour.

First steamer crossed the Atlantic, 1819.

Assassination of Lincoln, April 14, 1865.

German empire re-established, Jan. 18, 1871.

Storm clouds move thirty-six miles an hour.

First subscription library, Philadelphia, 1731.

Dark Ages, from the 6th to the 14th century.

The Latin tongue became obsolete about 580.

The great London fire occurred Sept. 26, 1666.

The value of a ton of pure gold is $602,799.21.

Ether was first used for surgical purposes in 1844.

Ignatius Loyola founded the order of Jesuits, 1541.

First authentic use of organs, 755; in England, 951.

The first newspaper advertisement appeared in 1652.

Cork is the bark taken from a species of the oak tree.

Benjamin Franklin used the first lightning rods, 1752.

Glass windows (colored) were used in the 8th century.

Authentic history of China commenced 3,000 years B.C.

Introduction of homoepathy into the United States, 1825.

Spectacles were invented by an Italian in the 13th century.

Medicine was introduced into Rome from Greece, 200 B.C.

First electric telegraph, Paddington to Brayton, Eng., 1835.

The Chaldeans were the first people who worked in metals.

First life insurance, in London, 1772; in America, Philadelphia, 1812.

Egyptian pottery is the oldest known; dates from 2,000 B.C.

Julius Caesar invaded Britain, 55 B.C.; assassinated, 44 B.C.

Soap was first manufactured in England in the 16th century.

The largest free territorial government is the United States.

First photographs produced in England, 1802; perfected, 1841.

First marine insurance, A.D. 533; England, 1598; America, 1721.

Professor Oersted, Copenhagen, discovered electro-magnetism, in 1819.

First American express, New York to Boston--W. F. Harnden.

Glass windows were first introduced into England in the 8th century.

Chicago is little more than fifty years old, and is the eighteenth city

of the world.

Glass was made in Egypt, 3000 B.C.; earliest date of transparent

glass, 719 B.C.

First public schools in America were established in the New England

States about 1642.

The largest inland sea is the Caspian, between Europe and Asia, being

700 miles long and 270 miles wide.

The term "Almighty Dollar" originated with Washington Irving, as a

satire on the American love for gain.

The highest natural bridge in the world is at Rockbridge, Virginia,

being 200 feet high to the bottom of the arch.

The largest circulation of paper money is that of the United States,

being 700 millions, while Russia has 670 millions.

The largest insurance company in the world is the Mutual Life of New

York City, having cash assets of $108,000,000.

The largest empire in the world is that of Great Britain, being

8,557,658 square miles, and more than a sixth part of the globe.

The first electrical signal ever transmitted between Europe and America

passed over the Field submarine cable on Aug. 5, 1858.

The longest tunnel in the world is St. Gothard, on the line of the

railroad between Luzerne and Milan, being nine and one-half miles in


The loftiest active volcano is Popocatapetl. It is 17,784 feet high,

and has a crater three miles in circumference and 1,000 feet deep.

Burnt brick was known to have been used in building the Tower of Babel.

They were introduced into England by the Romans.

The most remarkable echo known is that in the castle of Simonetta, two

miles from Milan. It repeats the echo of a pistol sixty times.

The largest volcano in the world is Etna. Its base is 90 miles in

circumference; its cone 11,000 feet high. Its first eruption occurred

474 B.C.

The largest tree in the world, as yet discovered, is in Tulare County,

California. It is 275 feet high and 106 feet in circumference at its


The largest desert is Sahara, in Northern Africa. Its length is 3,000

miles and breadth 900 miles; having an area of 2,000,000 square miles.

The largest suspension bridge is in Brooklyn. The length of the main

span is 1,595 feet 6 inches. The entire length of the bridge is 5,989


The first deaf and dumb asylum was founded in England by Thomas

Braidwood, 1760; and the first in the United States was at Hartford,


The largest diamond in the world is the Braganza, being a part of the

Portuguese jewels. It weighs 1,880 carats. It was found in Brazil in


The grade of titles in Great Britain stands in the following order from

the highest: A Prince, Duke, Marquis, Earl, Viscount, Baron, Baronet,


The largest number of cattle ever received in one year was that of

Chicago in the year 1884, being 1,874,984 beeves, 30,223 calves,

5,640,625 hogs, 749,917 sheep and 15,625 horses. It required 9,000

trains of 31 cars each, which, if coupled together, would reach 2,146


The "Valley of Death," in the island of Java, is simply the crater of

an extinct volcano, filled with carbonic-acid gas. It is half a mile in


The city of Amsterdam, Holland, is built upon piles driven into the

ground. It is intersected by numerous canals, crossed by nearly three

hundred bridges.

Coal was used as fuel in England as early as 852, and in 1234 the first

charter to dig for it was granted by Henry III. to the inhabitants of


Tobacco was discovered in San Domingo in 1496; afterwards by the

Spaniards in Yucatan in 1520. It was introduced in France in 1560, and

into England in 1583.

The present national colors of the United States were not adopted by

Congress until 1777. The flag was first used by Washington at

Cambridge, January 1, 1776.

Paris was known as Lutetia until 1184, when the name of the great

French capital was changed to that which it has borne ever since.

The longest span of wire in the world is used for a telegraph in India

over the river Ristuah. It is over 6,000 feet, and is stretched between

two hills 1,200 feet high.

The largest library in the world is in Paris, founded by Louis XIV. It

contains 1,400,000 volumes, 175,000 manuscripts, 300,000 maps and

charts, and 150,000 coins and medals.

The tallest man was John Hale, of Lancashire, England, who was nine

feet six inches in height. His hand was seventeen inches long and eight

and one-half inches broad.

In round numbers, the weight of $1,000,000 in standard gold coin is

1-3/4 tons; standard silver coin, 26-3/4 tons; subsidiary silver coin,

25 tons; minor coins, 5-cent nickel, 100 tons.

The largest stationery engine in the world is at the zinc mines at

Friedenville, Pa. The number of gallons of water raised every minute is

17,500. The driving wheels are 35 feet diameter and weigh 40 tons each.

The cylinder is 110 inches in diameter.

The part of United States territory most recently acquired is the

island of San Juan, near Vancouver's Island. It was evacuated by

England at the close of November, 1873.

The highest monument in the world is the Washington monument, being 555

feet. The highest structure of any kind is the Eiffel Tower, Paris,

finished in 1889 and 989 feet high.

It is claimed that crows, eagles, ravens and swans live to be 100 years

old; herons, 59; parrots, 60; pelicans and geese, 50; skylarks, 30;

sparrow hawks, 40; peacocks, canaries and cranes, 24.

The greatest cataract in the world is Niagara, the height of the

American falls being 165 feet. The highest fall of water in the world

is that of the Yosemite in California, being 2,550 feet.

The most ancient catacombs are those of the Theban kings, begun 4,000

years ago. The catacombs of Rome contain the remains of about 6,000,000

human beings; those of Paris, 3,000,000.

The quickest passage ever made across the Atlantic was that of the

steamer Lucania, of the Cunard line, being 5 days 7 hours and 23

minutes from New York to Queenstown; the distance being 2,850 miles.

There has been no irregularity in the recurrence of leap year every

four years since 1800, and will be none until 1900, which will be a

common year, although it will come fourth after the preceding leap


The first English newspaper was the English Mercury, issued in the

reign of Queen Elizabeth, and was issued in the shape of a pamphlet.

The Gazette of Venice was the original model of the modern newspaper.

The Mormon Church in Utah shows a membership of 127,294--23,000

families. The church has 12 apostles, 58 patriarchs, 3,885 seventies,

3,153 high priests, 11,000 elders, 1,500 bishops and 4,400 deacons,

being an office for each six persons.

A "monkey wrench" is not so named because it is a handy thing to monkey

with, or for any kindred reason. "Monkey" is not its name at all, but

"Moncky." Charles Moncky, the inventor of it, sold his patent for

$2,000, and invested the money in a house in Williamsburg, King's

County, N.Y., where he now lives.

The Union arch of the Washington Aqueduct is the largest in the world,

being 220 feet; 20 feet in excess of the Chester arch across the Dee in

England, 68 feet longer than that of the London bridge; 92 feet longer

than that at Neuilly on the Seine, and 100 feet longer than that of

Waterloo bridge. The height of the Washington arch is 100 feet.

The largest ship ever built, the Great Eastern, recently broken to

pieces and sold to junk dealers, was designed and constructed by Scott

Russell, at Maxwell, on the Thames. Work on the giant vessel was

commenced in May, 1854. She was successfully launched January 13, 1858.

The launching alone occupied the time from November 3, 1857, until the

date above given. Her total length was 600 feet; breadth, 118 feet;

total weight when launched 12,000 tons. Her first trip of any

consequence was made to New York in 1859-60.

The most extensive mines in the world are those of Freiberg, Saxony.

They were begun in the twelfth century, and in 1835 the galleries,

taken collectively, had reached the unprecedented length of 123 miles.

A new gallery, begun in 1838, had reached a length of eight miles at

the time of the census of 1878. The deepest perpendicular mining shaft

in the world is located at Prizilram, Bohemia. It is a lead mine; it

was begun 1832. January, 1880, it was 3,280 feet deep. The deepest coal

mine in the world is near Tourney, Belgium; it is 3,542 feet in depth,

but, unlike the lead mine mentioned above, it is not perpendicular. The

deepest rock-salt bore in the world is near Berlin, Prussia; it is

4,185 feet deep. The deepest hole ever bored into the earth is the

artesian well at Pottsdam, which is 5,500 feet in depth. The deepest

coal mines in England are the Dunkirk colleries of Lancashire, which

are 2,824 feet in depth. The deepest coal shaft in the United States is

located at Pottsville, Pa. In 1885 it had reached a depth of 1,576

feet. From this great depth 400 cars, holding four tons each, are

hoisted daily. The deepest silver mine in the United States is the

Yellow Jacket, one of the great Comstock system at Virginia City,

Nevada; the lower levels are 2,700 feet below the hoisting works.

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