Muriate Of Tin Tin Liquor

If druggists keep it, it is best to

purchase of them already made, but if you prefer, proceed as follows:

Get at a tinner's shop block tin, put it into a shovel and melt it.

After it is melted, pour it from the height of four or five feet into a

pail of clear water. The object of this is to have the tin in small

particles, so that the Acid can dissolve it. Take it out of the water

and dry it; then put it in a strong brass bottle. Pour over it Muriatic

Acid twelve ounces, then slowly add sulphuric acid eight ounces. The

Acid should be added about a tablespoonful at a time, at intervals of

five or eight minutes, for if you add it too rapidly you run the risk

of breaking the bottle by heat. After you have all the Acid in, let the

bottle stand until the ebullition subsides; then stop it up with

beeswax or glass stopper, and set it away; and it will keep good for a

year or more, or it will be fit for use in twenty-four hours.

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