Prevention And Cure Of Hog Cholera

We are aware of the fact that the talent, ingenuity and skill of man

has been employed in searching out some remedy as a preventative and

cure for this lamentable disease; and there have been some preventions

used that have been valuable in that direction. For instance, the

simple article called ashes is a healthy article for stock, which many

people use, but it never cured one case of Cholera. I have no doubt but

it has been beneficial for the general health of hogs. Of all remedies,

simple ones when they will cure are the best; and this remedy is as

simple and as easily used as it is possible in the use of any remedy.

The effective remedy is simply old lime and sand, with arsenic. Now, I

am aware that the nature of man is to look for some great and unknown

article as a remedy for such a great curse as Hog Cholera; but,

considering the cause of the disease being the animalcule, reader, you

see that it requires something to prevent the excess, or destroy the

increase of this minute animal. Now, we see readily that the Old Lime,

Sand and Arsenic does the work without a doubt, and the hog is healthy

and clear of disease.

Now, reader, you have the remedy; the next thing is how to use it.

In the first place drive your wagon to some sandbar and haul a wagon

load of sand; throw it out where you feed your hogs; to one wagon load

of sand, put one bushel of old slacked lime; throw your feed on that

for your hogs, and about every three months replenish with the same. If

your hogs have the Cholera, separate the sick from the well ones, and

have a trough, and put some of the sand and lime in it, with about

one-half of a thimbleful of arsenic to the hog; then pour some rich

slop on this preparation so that the hogs will eat it; milk would be

preferable if you have it. This preparation once every other day will

soon have your hogs healthy and sound; it destroys the worms, then the

hog is all right. To your healthy hogs give one-half thimbleful of

arsenic in slop to every hog, once per month. This is all the arsenic

you must use; you must not mix the arsenic with the lime and sand, or

the hog may not get it.

After using this remedy, your hogs that are not yet complaining with

Cholera will never take it; you may rely on it. I have tried this

valuable remedy until I am perfectly satisfied; where the Cholera was

killing out the gang every day, it put a stop to it at once; and not

only for myself, but many others under my notice. I have never seen

Cholera bother hogs, where this Stephen's Remedy was used as above

stated. You will ask, what is to be done where pigs have it? In answer

to that, reader, just get a trough and put in the remedy, and pour the

slop to their mother, and the milk will be just as effective to the

pigs as the remedy is with the sow.

This Stephen's Remedy for Hog Cholera, if studied and observed, will be

worth from $100.00 to $1,000.00 to every farmer or hog trader, where

Cholera has ever been; and there is no trouble or expense to have the

benefit of it. This very little book is worth its weight in gold. The

countries where they have no Hog Cholera are rocky and hilly, sandy and

limy, where the hog can get this remedy, and Providence has so taught

the animal that nature dictates to him the remedy. See the dog, when he

is sick, he knows how to take an emetic, vomit, and get well; so it is

with the hog, if he can find this remedy he hardly ever takes Cholera.

In addition to those cures as a prevention of the disease, use

Asafetida, as follows: Cut in small pieces about one ounce; melt it in

water or grease, pour it in rich slop. Feed it to about ten hogs, once

per week in Hog Cholera season, more or less according to number of

hogs. If you will keep up these remedies your swine will keep healthy.

Keep the sick ones and well ones separate. If you have clover keep the

sick ones on it, it is healthy for hogs.

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