This is a very contagious disease. The well fowls should

immediately be separated from the sick ones, and the old quarters

thoroughly disinfected. Use the following remedy. One-half ounce balsam

copaiba, one-quarter ounce liquorice powder, one-half drachm piperine.

This is enough for thirty doses. Enclose each dose in a small capsule;

give two or three doses per day. If this does not furnish relief in two

days, kill the fowl and burn or bury it.

The symptoms of this disease are first, a thick opaque and peculiarly

offensive smelling discharge from the nostrils. Froth appears at the

inner corner of the eyes, the lids swell and often the eyes are

entirely closed; the sides of the face become much swollen, and the

bird rapidly declines and dies.

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