Feminine Height And Weight

It is often asked how stout a woman ought to be in proportion to her

height. A very young girl may becomingly be thinner than a matron, but

the following table gives a fair indication of proper proportions:

Height Pounds Height Pounds

Five feet about 100 Five feet 7 inches. about 150

Five feet 1 inch about 106 Five feet 8 inches. about 155

Five feet 2 inches about 113 Five feet 10 inches. about 163

Five feet 3 inches about 119 Five feet 10 inches. about 169

Five feet 4 inches about 130 Five feet 11 inches. about 176

Five feet 5 inches about 138 Six feet about 180

Five feet 6 inches about 144 Six feet 1 inch about 186

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