How And When To Drink Water

According to Doctor Leuf, when water is taken into the full or partly

full stomach, it does not mingle with the food, as we are taught, but

passes along quickly between the food and lesser curvature toward the

pylorus, through which it passes into the intestines. The secretion of

mucus by the lining membrane is constant, and during the night a

considerable amount accumulates in the stomach; some of its liquid

portion is absorbed, and that which remains is thick and tenacious. If

food is taken into the stomach when in this condition, it becomes coated

with this mucus, and the secretion of the gastric juice and its action

are delayed. These facts show the value of a goblet of water before

breakfast. This washes out the tenacious mucus, and stimulates the

gastric glands to secretion. In old and feeble persons water should not

be taken cold, but it may be with great advantage taken warm or hot.

This removal of the accumulated mucus from the stomach is probably one

of the reasons why taking soup at the beginning of a meal has been found

so beneficial.

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