How To Serve Wine

A fine dinner may be spoiled by not serving the proper wine at the

proper time and at the proper temperature.

A white wine (Sauterne, Riesling, Moselle, etc.) should be used from the

beginning of the meal to the time the roast or game comes on. With the

roast serve red wine, either claret or Burgundy.

Use sparkling wines after the roast.

With dessert, serve apricot cordial.

Never serve red wine with soup or fish, and never a white wine with


Storage, Temperature, Etc.

Store your wines in the cellar at 50 to 60 degrees.

All bottles should lie flat so that the cork is continually moist.

This rule should be specially observed with sparkling wines. Sparkling

wine should be served ice cold.

Put the wine on the ice--not ice in the wine.

Serve red wine at only about 5 degrees cooler than the dining-room.

White wine should be about 15 degrees cooler than the temperature of the


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