Jefferson's Political Policy

1. Legal equality of all human beings.

2. The people the only source of power.

3. No hereditary offices, nor order of nobility, nor title.

4. No unnecessary taxation.

5. No national banks or bonds.

6. No costly splendor of administration.

7. Freedom of thought and discussion.

8. Civil authority superior to the military.

9. No favored classes; no special privileges; no monopolies.

10. Free and fair elections; universal suffrage.

11. No public money spent without warrant of law.

12. No mysteries in government hidden from the public eye.

13. Representatives bound by the instructions of their constituents.

14. The Constitution of the United States a special grant of powers

limited and definite.

15. Freedom, sovereignty and independence of the respective States.

16. Absolute severance of Church and State.

17. The Union a compact--not a consolidation nor a centralization.

18. Moderate salaries, economy and strict accountability.

19. Gold and silver currency--supplemented by treasury notes bearing no

interest and bottomed on taxes.

20. No State banks of issue.

21. No expensive navy or diplomatic establishment.

22. A progressive or graduated tax laid upon wealth.

23. No internal revenue system. A complete separation of public moneys

from bank funds.

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