To Straighten Round Shoulders

A stooping figure and a halting gait, accompanied by the unavoidable

weakness of lungs incidental to a narrow chest, may be entirely cured by

the very simple and easily-performed exercise of raising one's self

upon the toes leisurely in a perpendicular position several times daily.

To take this exercise properly one must take a perfectly upright

position. With the heels together and the toes at an angle of forty-five

degrees. Then drop the arms lifelessly by the sides, animating and

raising the chest to its full capacity and muscularity, the chin well

drawn in, and the crown of the head feeling as if attached to a string

suspended from the ceiling above. Slowly rise upon the balls of both

feet to the greatest possible height, thereby exercising all the muscles

of the legs and body; come again into standing position without swaying

the body backward out of the perfect line. Repeat this same exercise,

first on one foot, then on the other. It is wonderful what a

straightening-out power this exercise has upon round shoulders and

crooked backs, and one will be surprised to note how soon the lungs

begin to show the effect of such expansive development.

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