Toothache is not always due to an exposed nerve, for in the majority of

teeth extracted because they are painful the nerve is dead. Inflammation

is often the cause of the trouble.

A toothache due to inflammation is a steady, aggravating pain,

overspreading the affected side of the face, sometimes even the neck and

shoulder. As there is no nerve to kill in a case of this kind, the tooth

should be treated until cured, or removed upon the first symptom of

trouble. Its extraction would be unattended by any danger and would

afford welcome relief.

Tartar, a creamy, calcareous deposit, supposed to be from the saliva,

will sometimes cause toothache. It accumulates around the necks of the

teeth and eventually becomes hard and dark-colored. It also causes foul

breath and loosens the gums from the teeth, causing them to present an

unsightly appearance.

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