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Fuller's Memory

Marvellous anecdotes are related of Dr. Thomas Fuller's memory. Thus, it

is stated that he undertook once, in passing to and from Temple Bar to

the farthest conduit in Cheapside, to tell at his return every sign as

they stood in order on both sides of the way, repeating them either

backward or forward. This must have been a great feat, seeing that every

house then bore a sign. Yet, Fuller himself decried this kind of thing

as a trick, no art. He relates that one (who since wrote a book thereof)

told him, before credible people, that he, in Sidney College, had taught

him (Fuller) the art of memory. Fuller replied that it was not so, for

he could not remember that he had ever seen him before; "which, I

conceive," adds Fuller, "was a real refutation;" and we think so, too.

* * * * *