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Hone's Every-day Book

This popular work was commenced by its author after he had renounced

political satire for the more peaceful study of the antiquities of our

country. The publication was issued in weekly sheets, and extended

through two years, 1824 and 1825. It was very successful, the weekly

sale being from 20,000 to 30,000 copies.

In 1830, Mr. Southey gave the following tribute to the merits of the

work, which it is plea
urable to record; as these two writers, from

their antipodean politics, had not been accustomed to regard each

other's productions with any favour. In closing his Life of John

Bunyan, Mr. Southey says:--

"In one of the volumes, collected from various quarters, which were sent

to me for this purpose, I observe the name of William Hone, and notice

it that I may take the opportunity of recommending his Every-day Book

and Table Book to those who are interested in the preservation of

our national and local customs. By these curious publications, their

compiler has rendered good service in an important department of

literature; and he may render yet more, if he obtain the encouragement

which he well deserves."

* * * * *