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Killing No Murder

In a journey which Mademoiselle Scudery, the Sappho of the French, made

along with her no less celebrated brother, a curious incident befell

them at an inn at a great distance from Paris. Their conversation

happened one evening to turn upon a romance which they were then jointly

composing, to the hero of which they had given the name of Prince Mazare.

"What shall we do with Prince Mazare?" said Mademoiselle Scudery to her

/> brother. "Is it not better that he should fall by poison, than by the

poignard?" "It is not time yet," replied the brother, "for that business;

when it is necessary we can despatch him as we please; but at present

we have not quite done with him." Two merchants in the next chamber,

overhearing this conversation, concluded that they had formed a conspiracy

for the murder of some prince whose real name they disguised under

that of Mazare. Full of this important discovery, they imparted their

suspicions to the host and hostess; and it was resolved to inform the

police of what had happened. The police officers, eager to show their

diligence and activity, put the travellers immediately under arrest,

and conducted them under a strong escort to Paris. It was not without

difficulty and expense that they there procured their liberation, and

leave for the future to hold an unlimited right and power over all the

princes and personages in the realms of romance.

* * * * *