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Sheridan's Pizarro

Mr. Pitt was accustomed to relate very pleasantly an amusing anecdote

of a total breach of memory in some Mrs. Lloyd, a lady, or nominal

housekeeper, of Kensington Palace. "Being in company," he said, "with

Mr. Sheridan, without recollecting him, while Pizarro was the topic of

discussion, she said to him, 'And so this fine Pizarro is printed?'

'Yes, so I hear,' said Sherry. 'And did you ever in your life read such

stuff?' cried she. 'Why I believe it's bad enough,' quoth Sherry; 'but

at least, madam, you must allow it's very loyal.' 'Ah!' cried she,

shaking her head--'loyal? you don't know its author as well as I do.'"

* * * * *