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The Four Confederate Cards

A person draws four cards from the pack, and you tell him to remember

one of them. He then returns them to the pack, and you dexterously

place two under and two on the top of the pack. Under the bottom ones

you place four cards of any sort, and then, taking eight or ten from

the bottom cards, you spread them on the table, and ask the person if

the card he fixed on be among them. If he say no, you are sure it is

one of the two cards on the top. You then pass those two cards to the

bottom and, drawing off the lowest of them, you ask if that is not his

card. If he again say no, you take up that card, and bid him draw

his card from the bottom of the pack. If, on the contrary, he say his

cards are among those you first drew from the bottom, you must

dexterously take up the four cards you put under them, and, placing

those on the top, let the other two be the bottom cards of the pack,

which you are to draw in the manner before described.