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The Illuminated Water

Connect one end of a chain with the outside of a charged phial, and

let the other end lie on the table. Place the end of another piece of

chain at the distance of about a quarter of an inch from the former;

and set a glass decanter of water on these separated ends. On making

the discharge, the water will appear perfectly luminous.

The electric spark may be rendered visible in water, in the following

:--Take a glass tube of about half an inch in diameter, and six

inches long; fill it with water, and to each extremity of the tube

adapt a cork, which may confine the water; through each cork insert a

blunt wire, so that the extremities of the wires within the tube may

be very near one another; then, on connecting one of these wires with

the coating of a small charged phial, and touching the other wire with

the knob of it, the shock will pass through the wires, and cause a

vivid spark to appear within their extremities within the tube. The

charge in this experiment must be very weak, or there will be danger

of bursting the tube.