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The Leech A Prognosticator Of The Weather

Confine a leech in a large phial, three parts filled with rain water,

regularly changed twice a week, and placed on a window frame, fronting

the north. In fair and frosty weather it lies motionless, and rolled

up in a spiral form, at the bottom of the glass: but prior to rain or

snow, it creeps up to the top, where if the rain will be heavy and of

some continuance, it remains a considerable time; if trifling, it

descends. Should the rain or snow be accompanied with wind, it

darts about its habitation with amazing celerity, and seldom ceases

until it begins to blow hard. If a storm of thunder or lightning be

approaching, it is exceedingly agitated, and expresses its feelings in

violent convulsive starts, at the top of the glass. It is remarkable

that however fine and serene the weather may be, and not the least

indication to change, either from the sky, the barometer, or any other

cause whatsoever, yet, if the animal ever shift its position, or move

in a desultory manner, so certain will the coincident results occur,

within thirty-six hours, frequently within twenty-four, and sometimes

in twelve; though its motions chiefly depend on the fall and duration

of the wet, and the strength of the wind.