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To Discover The Card Which Is Drawn By The Throw Of A Die

Prepare a pack of cards, in which there are only six sorts of cards.
Dispose these cards in such manner that each of the six different
cards shall follow each other, and let the last of each suite be a
long card. The cards being thus disposed, it follows, that if you
divide them into six parcels, by cutting at each of the long cards,
those parcels will all consist of similar cards.

Let a person draw a card from the pack, and let him replace it in the
parcel from whence it was drawn, by dexterously offering that part.
Cut the cards several times, so that a long card be always at bottom.
Divide the cards in this manner into six heaps, and giving a die to
the person who drew the card, tell him that the point he throws shall
indicate the parcel in which is the card he drew; then take up the
parcel and show him the card.

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