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To Make A Rocket Form An Arch In Rising Having Some Rockets Made

headed according to fancy, and tied on their sticks, get some sheet

tin, and cut it into round pieces about three or four inches diameter;

then on the stick of each rocket, under the mouth of the case, fix one

of these pieces of tin 16 inches from the rocket's neck, and support

it by a wooden bracket, as strong as possible: the use of this is,

that when the rocket is ascending, the fire may play with greater

force on the tin, which will divide the tail in such a manner that it

will form an arch as it mounts, and will have a very good effect when

well managed; if there is a short piece of port fire, of a strong

charge, tied to the end of the stick, it will make a great addition;

but this must be lighted before the rocket is fired.